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The effects of COVID-19 on our mental well-being: A global study.

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04 Nov 2020


19:00 - 20:30


Main Event,

The effects of COVID-19 on our mental well-being: A global study.

Opening the International Mental Health Festival, an interactive panel will be held to discuss the latest findings of the COH-FIT study. This is the Collaborative Outcomes study on Health and Funding during Infection Times.

The COH-FIT study is an international survey regarding the coronavirus outbreak which involves over 100,000 participants from 30 plus countries. This is a three-part longitudinal study, with data collected during the first wave of the pandemic (stage completed), 12 months into the pandemic, and finally, after the COVID-19 pandemic. This project aims to identify individuals at high risk of developing physical and mental health issues during infection times and identify risk and protective factors which could inform guidance in any future pandemics.

Program director Mischa Selis, COH-FIT project leads Professor Christoph Correll and Dr Marco Solmi, leading researcher Professor Peter Kinderman and psychiatrist Professor Therese van Amelsvoort, will be discussing the preliminary findings from this study and answering questions on this project. This discussion will be moderated by Assistant Professor Mark Kawakami.

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19:00 - 19:15
Opening of the International Mental Health Festival 2020
Mischa Selis
19:15 - 21:00
Main Event
The Effects of COVID-19 on our mental well-being - A global study
Mischa Selis
Mischa Selis
Psychiatrist & Program director International Mental Health Festival