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Arts & Mental Health Festival
26 - 29 May 2021

About the Arts & Mental Health Festival

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We all know the sensation of being touched by a work of art. It could be that special song that brings tears of joy, comforts in your sadness or empowers you through difficult times. Maybe it is certain words or poems that know to describe and encompass those things that are indescribable. It could be that image, or painting. The things that could slow you down or stop you for a second to behold in awe.

Art has many forms and ways of presenting itself and has a core position in every civilization. One could endlessly wonder, what in its essence is art? It was Danto who stated: “art is an embodied meaning presenting itself as art, that works as a waking dream”.

In this event we want to focus on the healing power of art and how it is connected to our mental health and wellbeing. The different workshops and lectures will enrich the way you look at art and lets you experience the ways it can help people heal from challenges or trauma.

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