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About Us

About us

The International Mental Health Festival is an easily accessible and above all a nice way to get acquainted with mental health. Speakers will cover topics related to emotions, thoughts, well-being and lifestyle.

The festival offers a wide range of workshops, lectures, panel discussions and more, in order to provide a broad view on mental health related subjects. The aim of this festival is to provide information about the healthcare system and to help to identify when professional support is needed and where to find the right care at the right time, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

Due to COVID-19 we are not able to host live events. The world is turned upside down, the streets are empty. Therefore, all events will take place online which makes this year’s festival even more international. You can access our events from any place in the world, just keep in mind the time difference.

The festival is an initiative of the Oh My Mood Foundation, a foundation that is committed to promote a better awareness and less stigmatisation around mental health related topics.