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Compassion-based yoga therapy for grief and difficult emotions

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13 Nov 2020


09:00 - 09:30



Compassion-based yoga therapy for grief and difficult emotions

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Some losses are clear, society recognizes them as significant and we have rituals to mourn them. We feel free to ask for support and more often, support comes our way without our even having to ask. But the kinds of losses that are a part of addiction and (physical) dysfunction, all too often remain unseen or misread by others. And there can be confusion as to exactly who or what has been lost, or whether there is a loss at all. Loneliness may follow. However, not only do they hurt as much, the very fact that they remain buried, unrecognized and unsupported, can complicate mourning and block our process of grieving. These kinds of losses deserve respect, they need our compassion and care.

Compassion-Based Yoga Therapy can be of great support in the process of mourning a loss of a connection to self, to someone significant, to a period of life or addiction. Yoga can nurture the feeling of connection having processed grief, a painful experience while it supports you on the path of comfortable closure.

In this session, Anneke will guide you through a short compassion-based yoga session for grief and difficult emotions while she underlines the core concept of empowerment in this practice, which you can take home and apply in all your yoga practices.