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The Power of Emotions: Jealousy

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10 Nov 2020


17:30 - 18:30



The Power of Emotions: Jealousy

Learn how to use your emotions to improve your life
It happens, we get jealous.
In modern times it is very difficult not to be jealous. We are surrounded by people who are  more successful, more confident, more beautiful or have something more than us. 
Feelings of jealousy can be mixed up with love, anger, fear and insecurity. We doubt ourselves. And sometimes we would never admit to ourselves that we are jealous and we criticise and judge other people. 
Jealousy can prevent you from moving forward and from growing.
Join this workshop if you want to end the stress of comparison and jealousy.
This inspiring session will help you understand where the feeling of jealousy comes from and turn jealousy into strength.