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The Eternal Joy of the Universe

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06 Nov 2020


17:00 - 18:30

The Eternal Joy of the Universe

Everything in this universe comes together to bring a human being on earth. We are all interconnected, each one of us made of non-self elements.

Look at a flower, along with flower elements, it has many non-flower elements as well. These elements are sunlight, earth, water, time and sky. Everything in the universe comes together to make a flower. Compost helps the flower to blossom, and the flower then becomes a part of the compost. Similarly, we are also made of many non-self elements like the sun, earth, moon, stars, sky, water, fire, trees, air, father, mother, and our ancestors. Creation of Self is not possible without non-self elements.

By looking at a human being, a flower or any creature, we can see the whole universe or the cosmos. We can see the nature of our inter-being. One is made of many.

Before God created us, he created vegetation and the animal kingdom. Without them, our existence was not possible. When we take care of God’s other creations, we take care of the whole of mankind.

When we understand this interconnectedness and oneness of ours, we become Joyous!

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Free Admission - The Eternal Joy of Universe

A lecture about happiness by Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang , worldwide known as - Man of Happiness.

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  • Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang
    Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang
    Popularly known as Man of Happiness from India, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Tavleen Foundation

    Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang , worldwide known as – Man of Happiness. He is an humanitarian ,inner engineer ,wisdom keeper ,thought investor ,writer ,speaker and happiness teacher. He is based at Indore in India. He has written seven books on happiness and meaningful life. He is invited to various national and international bodies to teach happiness . He is recipient of various national and international awards. Recently he is awarded as MOST FABULOUS GLOBAL HAPPINESS LEADER by world happiness congress. He has delivered more than 500 talks on happiness. He is an industrialist.

    Dr Narang is founder president and chief happiness officer of India’s only eternal happiness organisation -the Tavleen Foundation. Tavleen foundation works in the field of Values, social awareness and contemplative studies. It works to reduce Suffering in human lives and thus bringing happiness in every life .

    His books ” My Happiness ” ,”Night time mantra for happy morning”,‘’The Seeds of Joy’’, ‘’Stories that touched my life’’ and ‘’Walk With Me…’’?, “Back to the Basics of Life, “World from my window” are very famous.

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 06 Nov 2020
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:30