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A yoga practice to calm down the system

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10 Nov 2020


19:00 - 19:45



A yoga practice to calm down the system

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Do you feel like you are always switched on? And like haven’t found the switch to dim or that off button?

Feeling anxious, experiencing sleeping problems, finding it hard to focus or experiencing muscle tension? All these symptoms, as well as many more, would suggest your energy is too high. Your system is running too fast.

This happens automatically, without our conscious action and via the autonomic nervous system. The cool thing is, we can enter this via our body and breath.

With this practice of yin yoga we will practice and experience this together. We will hold poses for a longer period and activate our parasympathetic system, reaching a more meditative state turning our senses inward. We will do this with a kind and open heart and a curious, non-judgmental mindset towards everything that comes up, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.