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Relationships behind the scenes

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12 Nov 2020


19:30 - 20:30



Relationships behind the scenes

‘If they could just see it from my perspective for once, maybe they would understand why I’m so angry.’ 
When we’re born we only speak one language; body language.
But then, from the moment we learn to speak, we forget that our body language continues speaking.
Why do we only talk in couples therapy when our bodies tell us what we really want to say?
In this workshop you’ll experience the power of drama therapy. You will learn how to get couples out of their comfort zone and to act things out instead of just talk about issues. 
‘Under the guise of play and pretend, we can – for once – act in new ways. The bit of distance from real life affronted by drama enables us to gain perspective on our real life roles, patterns and actions, and to experiment actively with alternatives.’ – Emunah ’ 
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