Arts & Mental Health Festival

Opening of Arts & Mental Health Festival and Panel Discussion

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26 May 2021


Central European Time (CET)/
19:00 - 21:00


Main Event,

Opening of Arts & Mental Health Festival and Panel Discussion

A welcome to the Arts & Mental Health Festival from Mischa Selis; psychiatrist and director at Oh My Mood foundation.

Following this welcome, a panel shall be hosted by Dr Mark Kinet, in which a panel will discuss the relationship between art and mental health.

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Hourly Schedule


19:00 - 19:10
Welcome to the Arts & Mental Health festival
Mischa Selis
19:10 - 19:40
Lecture on the relationship between art and madness
Laurens Landeweerd
19:45 - 20:15
Panel event moderated by Dr Mark Kinet, Mischa Selis, Juul Sadee, Laurens Landeweerd and Ellen Dekker
Ellen Dekker, Juul Sadee, Laurens Landeweerd, Mark Kinet, Mischa Selis, Monica Janowski
20:15 - 20:30
Intermezzo by Basia
20:30 - 21:00
Ellen Dekker, Juul Sadee, Laurens Landeweerd, Mark Kinet, Mischa Selis
Mischa Selis
Mischa Selis
Psychiatrist & Program director International Mental Health Festival
Laurens Landeweerd
Laurens Landeweerd
Philiosoper, lecturer and researcher Institute for Science in Society
Laurens Landeweerd (1976) studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and Culture&Science at Maastricht University. He wrote his PhD thesis in the field of medical ethics, and is currently working on a second thesis on the notion of time in physics, the life sciences and the neurosciences. Landeweerd currently works for the Institute of Science in Society at Radboud University's Faculty of Science, as well iArts, the interdisciplinary bachelor of the Maastricht Institute of Arts. For both positions, he focuses on the genres of the imagination in relation to science and technology. In a project line guided by Maastricht-based artist Juul Sadee and Laurens Landeweerd, the first year students of iArts create an exposition each year for museum dr Josef Guislain in Ghent. This museum visualises insanity in thematic exhibitions, on digital platforms. The museum hosts both public and educational activities on psychiatry, its history, on outsider art, etc. The museum thus creates platforms to discuss mental pathologies in their societal context. Landeweerd will provide for an introductory lecture on his work in this relation between psychiatry, art and philosophy.
Ellen Dekker
Art Therapist
Ellen Dekker is an art therapist, teacher and artist who lives in Zutphen. After studying Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, she worked for 14 years as an art director and set designer for Dutch television. In 2000 she got her license as an Art therapist, and started her own practice ‘De Ontdekking’, where she works with individuals and groups young and old with all kinds of guiding questions. Ellen also teaches Art Therapy. She did so for 10 years at the Instituut voor Klank en Vorm in Zutphen and now since 7 years for Civas in Haarlem. As an artist she had several expositions of her paintings in Germany and the Netherlands.
Juul Sadee
Juul Sadee
picture made by Sam Shayne
Mark Kinet
Psychiatrist and chief editor of the series Psychoanalytisch Actueel.
Mark Kinet is a psychiatrist and chief editor of the series Psychoanalytisch Actueel. He wrote or edited over 25, including Psychologie van de kunst. Een abecedarium His website:
Monica Janowski
Monica Janowski
Social Anthropologist
Monica is a social anthropologist with 30 years of research experience among forest peoples in Borneo and is also a qualified forest bathing guide certified by the ANFT (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy). She leads forest bathing in Hainault Forest, Epping Forest, the Abruzzo mountains in Italy and the Kelabit Highlands in Borneo.