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Mindful Parenting in challenging times

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16 Nov 2020


UTC+1 (Amsterdam)
20:00 - 20:45

Mindful Parenting in challenging times

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Despite its inherent joys, the challenges of parenting can produce considerable stress. Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic also may add parental stress. Even under optimal circumstances, the constant changes as children develop can tax parents’ inner resources.

Mindful Parenting (Bögels & Restifo, 2014; Bögels, 2020) is a structured mindfulness training program, designed for face to face group use. The program  focuses on mindfulness-oriented skills for parents, such as parenting with beginner’s mind, awareness and acceptance of strong emotions in parent and child, mindfully responding to (as opposed to reacting to) parenting stress, fostering (self)compassion and taking care of one’s inner child. The program is deeply rooted in scientific research. The program is now also adapted as a self-help book, and for online use.

In this lecture the theory and rationale  of mindful parenting is outlined, and demonstrated with short practices that participants can experience. We will specifically investigate how mindful parenting can help parents with the challenges and chances for parenting and family life in this pandemic.