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Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care

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13 Nov 2020


UTC+1 (Amsterdam)
19:00 - 19:45

Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care

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Compassion in pain care is more than just extending kindness towards people in pain. It involves gaining a more in-depth understanding and insight into the needs of the person we are serving and ourselves, then choosing responses that serve both, within the context of the situation.

As healthcare providers, it is assumed we will provide compassionate care to those we serve, as it is inherently part of our job. However, research shows that the capacity for compassion can vary and depend on a wide variety of factors. There may be challenges we face that may influence or inhibit our ability to offer and receive compassion.

Join Shelly Prosko for this session as she outlines these challenges and the benefits of cultivating compassion and self-compassion in pain care for both the person living with pain and the health provider.